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Since 1996, Monterey Sales & Associates Inc. managed to expand its brokering into the United States and the United Kingdom. Our company will be adding an associate by Spring of 2019 located in Eastern Europe.


Building Relationships

 The first thing we do is listen. Everything we do will be based on hearing what you want for your business and the specific requirements associated with your product. We know that developing and marketing a brand is a costly exercise. As a result, companies require the sales team at Monterey Sales & Associates Inc. to help build the brand. We ensure that we are able to meet those requirements, because the initial steps are crucial.


Service to Suppliers


Manufacturers are continually looking for tomorrow’s products and many of these new ideas will fall by the wayside. If this happens, our company has the network to sell your products into a controlled customer base. This approach ensures that your key sales and marketing activities are unaffected. Your brand strategy remains intact and pricing stays firmly under control. Manufacturers should not be concerned about residual stock. 

Key Suppliers





Eva's Shelters for Youth

Canadian Cancer Society

Learning Enrichment Foundation


  I cannot say enough good things about our association with Monterey Sales. I was personally & professionally inspired by our first encounter at our Company's Trade Show in August 2005. Merco Ltd. has a primary focus which is selling to the Food Service Industry in the United Kingdom. At times, fresh and innovative ideas from Canada are most welcome. Our association has become a definite asset to our company. Monterey Sales & Merco Ltd. have set realistic goals and a "Plan for Action" with its current customer base in Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. The key components are price and understanding the needs of customers. This has become our pillar of strength. We are most satisfied with our association and are motivated with our additional associate that will be joining us in 2012.

- Barbara Dean, Vice President,  Merco Ltd. UK

 It is absolutely necessary to be professional in today's workplace. However, the workplace is quickly becoming casual and informal. Monterey Sales along with its associates has conducted workshops and sales seminars in conjunction with our staff to elevate our company's profile & sales objectives. As a result, casual and informal are a thing of the past. The Food Service Industry is highly competitive and every customer, large or small, plays an integral part of future growth. Our goal as a team is to service and meet the expectations of our customers

- Bruce J. Hodges, Managing Director, Metrow Foods UK

 Monterey Sales has provided valuable tools to support our business. Our company has been handling all the logistics for Monterey Sales for well over 10 years. The working relationship and communication allow us to be more effective in scheduling appointments and organizing freight deliveries. Monterey Sales alleviates frustration by providing us with the proper criteria to get the job done. Together, every delivery is executed efficiently. This has brought forth a strong business relationship.

- Cindy Nowosad, Manager, Samar Logistics Inc. 


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